How we work

RD Horses approach to selling horses has always been as open and honest as possible. Basicly, there are 3 reasons to work with us:

Reason 1

We provide the best Dutch horses available

The horses on the site are not owned by RD Horses For Sale, but by our contacts based around Holland. RD Horses For Sale has a very broad network of breeders, small yards and private owners around Holland. There has been a lot of time and effort put in to select these contacts as it is incredibly important to us that we know the background of a horse and know that the horse has been produced fairly. We pride ourselves on selling horses that are going to have the best possible future with their new owners.

Reason 2

We are open and honest about prices and commissions

RD Horses For Sale works on a basis of 10% commission above the price of the horse. We are incredibly open and honest about prices and will always quote the price that the owner wants for the horse so that the value of the horse remains completely transparent. The only alterations to this are:

  • If the value of the horse bought is under € 7.500, the petrol costs are added to the commission. For a 2 day trip that is around € 100 extra.
  • RD Horses For Sale charges a €250 daily charge if the client should come to Holland and not manage to find a horse. This covers all the work involved arranging the trip and also all costs made such as petrol, lunch and extras.

Reason 3

We have a personal approach to vetting

Should a horse be purchased in Holland then it will receive a standard 5 stage pre-purchase vetting. In Holland this generally includes 20-24 x-rays pending on the vet used.

  • RD Horses For Sale will always arrange for the vet to call the new owner/client after the vetting to explain in detail how the vetting went. All x-rays can always be sent or emailed to your own vet, if required.
  • Extra x-rays can be required if necessary. Every horse will get a very thorough vetting. If required, RD Horses For Sale can be present at the vetting.

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