Carla Grassi


Before leaving for Holland, I had visited the website and I had exchanged a lot of information with Rebecca by mail and by phone. She knew exactly what I was looking for and even if due to a bad experience I was not convinced that I can find the horse right for my needs I had high hopes. I’m not a professional rider but I wanted to test myself in dressage competition with a well prepared and good horse.

I spent three days very special in Holland during which I saw and I tried, with my teacher, so many beautiful horses. I have also met very nice people that I have shown me great seriousness and competence. It was exciting and I had so much fun. Now I can say with certainty that Rebecca was able to find the right horse for me… Tolida, a beautiful dark bay that I chose to bring to Italy and that after just two months of fellowship and work has allowed me to get a second position in a national competition!! Thanks Rebecca. I hope that many other riders will have the chance to meet you!