Bevis Tetlow


I am based in Bermuda and have been looking to buy a jumper for some time. All my previous attempts to try horse in the US (in Florida) ended in frustration. The barns websites were rubbish, so horses were hard to research and the quality on arrival didn’t meet any of my expectations. I went to Holland last spring for the weekend to try horses with Rebecca.

Rebecca organized everything and we travelled to a number of local stables in Holland and Belgium, all of which I would have had no chance of tracking down on my own. I ended up with three options I really liked and ended up going for a 4 yr old Belgium Warm Blood with an amazing pedigree. Rebecca organised the vetting and all the transportation via the US to Bermuda and within the month Helsinki was on the island. Helsinki is doing well in Bermuda and I couldn’t be happier with my horse.